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I was at a meeting last evening and something came up that made me laugh (eventually).

As meetings go, it was pretty usual, typical stuff like only vaguely skirting around what the meeting was really about and everyone talking about other things.


It was going along very well until someone said “Planning is a waste of time”.

I was not happy.

And I said so.

In fact I was really annoyed…

Then I got told how no matter how much you plan it never comes out how you think and besides it changes before you can accomplish it and mostly it’s too much effort.

I said: “You’re thinking about it all wrong… Planning is bringing the future into the present so we can do something about it now.”

And the room went quiet.

Meetings are generally populated by people who are unable to make decisions on their own, either due to their own neediness or the boss is an ogre (won’t let anyone make decisions).

Or like this meeting I was at, its purpose is to implement the wishes of a committee.

Now, ordinarily, I won’t do that (working with a committee feels too much like being trapped in a straightjacket, you can’t do this, you can’t do that, Aaargh!).

Some call that kind of thing “Death by Nitpick” with good reason.

But since I volunteered I suppose I can’t complain. But the reasons why it’s a bad idea are all there.

At least I scored a victory, because I’ve now got them thinking about what’s ahead rather than, oh crap this is upon us and we’ve done nothing “Don’t Panic, Don’t Panic.”