The Gongoozler strikes again

I made a mistake with a Gongoozler.

But it’s not all bad because I went on a nice family days out in surrey

Yes, it’s a real word but you’re probably wondering; what does that mean?

Starting today we’re just embarking on Word week, keeping your word.

Words in newsletters no doubt.

Which is something you can do easily when you remember (like when it’s a short term thing) but if you forget you gave your word about something and then go on to break it you feel like a right chump when you are reminded and realise that you goofed.

And when you do goof, you feel like you want a hole to open in the ground and swallow you up.

It’s not like you did it deliberately just you got caught up in the enthusiasm of a thing and it led you down a route that inevitably means you break your word.

An expert Gongoozler I know did warn me in fairness but I was too bullish.

My bad.

I expect he’ll be off soon to go and stare for a long time at the things happening on the canal.