The Gongoozler strikes again

I made a mistake with a Gongoozler.

But it’s not all bad because I went on a nice family days out in surrey

Yes, it’s a real word but you’re probably wondering; what does that mean?

Starting today we’re just embarking on Word week, keeping your word.

Words in newsletters no doubt.

Which is something you can do easily when you remember (like when it’s a short term thing) but if you forget you gave your word about something and then go on to break it you feel like a right chump when you are reminded and realise that you goofed.

And when you do goof, you feel like you want a hole to open in the ground and swallow you up.

It’s not like you did it deliberately just you got caught up in the enthusiasm of a thing and it led you down a route that inevitably means you break your word.

An expert Gongoozler I know did warn me in fairness but I was too bullish.

My bad.

I expect he’ll be off soon to go and stare for a long time at the things happening on the canal.

Mad for speaking the truth

One of the most overlooked things about keeping your word is the effect it has on your own conscience.

This is what popular internet quotes say:

“Nothing’s more wretched than a guilty conscience.”

“If you have to sneak to do it, Lie to cover it up, or DELETE it to prevent it from being seen, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.”

“The only people mad at you for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie.”

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You see, keeping your word might be rather a dull concept to some and others might have a very laissez faire attitude to it all but in the end there is only one person that actually matters in all this. YOU.

Because YOU will know.

YOU will know you didn’t keep your word, and that is if not everything, massive.

Anything but default

The Dufus on the train.
That would be me.
As I revealed to you in June, I’ve now left my J.O.B and am now working freelance, mostly trying to get a writing career off the ground but also taking a programming project or two from my old life.
Keeps a bit of money coming in.
Anyway, what a great opportunity to seize upon all the great things I’ve learned while doing the Virtues here with you.
Yes, let’s sit down and plan all the things.
Exelsior! Progress here we come! Ppppppupppy power!
Then like a rainy Tuesday in November, nothing.
Virtues, Virtues, Virtues. The first couple of weeks were not great, I knew what I had to do, I just had so much of it I didn’t know where to turn, I knew that I should prioritise, but what?
So I was on the train going to visit my Father one day, when it hit me.
Start small.
I felt such a fool, how could I have not realised after all the virtues that too much too soon was a bad recipe.
So, instead of writing 6 full articles a day, I’m now committed to produce just one. Every Day.
After a month I’ll have about 25 and after two I’ll have 50.
A bit like sending you this email every day, I just have to have the discipline to make sure that those articles are written too, and the place to start is the loneliest number.